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It’s not about where we’re going

it’s about the journey.


My name is Andy Gregory Yip and this is my story.

“I’m an artist pursuing what I love and I hope that in doing so I can inspire others to do the same.”

Andy Gregory Yip is a Hair stylist, Originally from AUSTRALIA. AND Currently relocated back to the land of Oz FOUND IN YEPPOON QUEENSLAND from his tenure in Central LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM & AMSTERDAM NETHERLANDS!

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Being a hairdresser is something I’m PROUD of!

"we enjoy the process"


Andy Gregory Yip


From an early age I have been fascinated by how someone’s look and style can project their personality.

This has inspired me to build my career in a discipline where I can help people achieve their full potential.

I have been very lucky to have worked with some of the top names of the industry in my homeland, Australia.

After many exciting projects and a bunch of very happy clients, I have decided to bring all that I have learnt from London...

in the hope to give people here that feel of style and still the sun-kissed, laid-back hotness that we are all associate with Oz Land.

Favourite part of the job: 

Hard work, and dedication to your job sounds like a tough thing to muster, but when you love what you do, it comes naturally.

I feel very lucky to wake each morning with anticipation, and to arrive to work excited.

I always look forward to make a positive impact on my client’s life. 

So when they leave the saloon they are not only looking their best, but they also get the spring in their step that defines me.

So the favourite part of my job is therefore probably seeing my clients after their treatment, with their head held high, walking with a tiny little skip in their step.

Career Highlights: 

Probably I should be listing the prestigious teams I have been lucky enough to work with or all the different campaigns where I've made my impact. But for me the highlight is each of the times, when the high-fashion or media jobs that I have done, I manage to translate into everyday looks. Giving a housewife or someone spending long days in the office that very magical feeling of being a cover girl or boy.  

What made you decide do freelance and by appointment: 

I was looking to work in a saloon and environment where my client’s experience does not start in my chair, but where everyone I meet shares the feeling that they want to take a moment out of their busy schedule and do something for themselves. I believe the ANDY GREGORY YIP SERVICE is the place where the client’s experience starts from the moment they step in…and lasts for long after they have left the building.

Area of Expertise: 

Strangely I find the two opposite ends of the spectrum the most fascinating. 

I love the relaxed looking, free flowing hair and really enjoy bringing out the natural glow and characteristics of my clients hair. I love the idea that after seeing me, if a breeze catches their hair, the reaction will be a confident smirk and not panic.

I also love to build bridal hair and hair-dos for formal events. There is something very special about knowing that my work will form part of history, that generations from now little girls will point at pictures taken of my clients and of my work, and will be washed away with awe and be dreaming of how glamorous their ancestors life has been.

It’s not about where we’re going. it’s about the journey.